Role of journalists



Media participants will be asked to be actively involved in the Sustainable Water Management in Cities Conference. Your active participation in filling the content for all communications output is very much needed. We will guide you through the following activities in order to work towards reaching these outcomes:

It is expected that all journalist participants will seek the approval of their organizations to share with us their stories resulting from participation in the meeting workshop for compilation and uploading on the Conference website and blog with links to the media organizations, if necessary. Upon return to their respective countries, participants are also encouraged to cover national activities related to water issues.

Developing a media guide (with recommendations, guidelines and examples of best practices) for water communicators and other relevant stakeholders, i.e. UN (Water) agencies, National Commission, Ministries and other development partners on getting better media coverage and undertaking an effective advocacy and awareness raising strategy on water related issues.


Contribute to the conference blog by writing articles, and/or providing audio and video interviews, photographs, sharing interesting quotes and comments you hear throughout the day. We will facilitate the uploading of these editorial contributions. The blog is already accessible online, so should you already wish to contribute relevant articles/posts for the blog, please send them to Ms. Alida Pham, for upload. Should you wish to upload your content directly, you can request a username and password from Ms. Pham. Technical assistance will be available.


Contribute to session discussions by asking questions and interviewing the participants and keynote speakers during the interactive sessions. We will use a Twitter-feed to facilitate this process and encourage more discussions online. Kindly use #SUWM when Tweeting! Follow our Twitter feed to receive up-to-date information on activities and other news.

The conference has an event page and a conference page on Facebook: “Conference: Sustainable Water Management in Cities”. Become a fan and follow us to receive up-to-date information, take part in the online discussions and see images from the Conference.

Event page:
Conference page:

The Conference Daily is the Newsletter produced by the organizers with the help of all rapporteurs and journalists. The daily will appear every morning of each conference day and will be distributed at the conference venue. Editorial sections could include the following: Key outcomes, Highlight general discussions, Top 3 quotes of the day, 6 images of the day, Interview of the day, Links to recent blog posts, Links to relevant, useful (online) resources and/or publications (mentioned during the meeting). Send article contributions to Petra Brussee (

In addition, a video newsletter will be produced that will include videos of interviews of conference participants and will be emailed and distributed to a wide range of electronic mailing lists to reach those present at the conference, but also those who are unable to attend. It will also be hosted on the conference website and linked to from the blog.

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